Hawaii State Drought Plan Update:  Revised the 2005 drought plan to include the impacts of climate change on Hawaii’s  fresh water security along with updates to drought mitigation and response actions. Completed a revised 2017 Hawaii Drought Plan, published by Commission on Water Resources Management. This revised plan will help improve coordination and implementation of drought management strategies for the State of Hawaii. 

Maui Water Utility Management:  Management of small rural water utilities including GIS asset management, planning, capital improvement planning and implementation, budgeting, operations management, regulatory compliance, customer relations and oversight of metering & billing. Creation of asset management maps, cap-x planning, water audits, energy study and daily operator logs. 

Freshwater Blueprint, Water Reuse, Recharge, Conservation: Assisted Hawaii Community Foundation in the implementation of Hawaii’s Freshwater Blueprint to create 100mgd in additional, reliable fresh water capacity for Hawaii by 2030. This project included interviews with water stakeholders in Hawaii, research into water savings in conservation, reuse, and recharge, a rate study of stormwater fees, and participation at national water conferences.

Facilitation for Kohala Water Study: Provided facilitation services for the Kohala Water Study Public Information Meeting. This included providing meeting logistics, meeting facilitation, preparing and designing meeting formats and handouts, and note taking.

Freshwater Security Estimations: Calculated approximate water savings for various reuse, recharge, and conservation water policies for the State of Hawaii. Developed mgd estimations with resources for policies in reuse, recharge, and conservation.

Water Security Grant Administration: Assisted Commission on Water Resources Management in administering an innovative statewide water security grant in the amount of $600,000. Facilitated water security advisory group meetings and assisted in grant program design which resulted in eleven new projects funded in water reuse, recharge and conservation.

American Samoa Coastal and Watershed Mapping: This project translated community knowledge and stories into datasets that can be used for resource management.  The scope of this project included support in planning, facilitation in community meetings, GIS mapping and production of maps and digital products to display uses as well as support action planning with the community. 

American Samoa  Wetland Delineation and Determination Project: Trained American Samoa Coastal Management staff the steps of wetland identification and mapping. This included GPS and GIS trainings along with hands-on botany, soil, and hydrology identification methods, GPS training and in-field delineation trainings.

Oahu Environmental Modeling: Identification of the appropriate model to trace a land-based environmental pollutant from the coastline to the ocean. Tasks included GIS data gathering, mapping, preparation of model data input for land based environmental pollutant modeling.